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We All Scream for Ice Cream! Volunteer State Gets the Scoop.

By Delaney Holman

The Thigpen Library is helping kick off Vol State’s first semester of the year with… ICE CREAM! 

The Thigpen Staff is holding Get the Scoop on Sept. 6- 7 in the Thigpen Plaza from 12-1:30pm or while supplies last. (Location will change to Thigpen Lobby if rain occurs.) 

“Get The Scoop” is an event staff hopes will bring students in to “Learn about the Library and Learning Commons, while enjoying a delicious ice cream treat,” as quoted on the flyers which can be found at the Thigpen Library ASK desk.  

Lynda Vincent, The Coordinator of Library Services, shared that this events, “Main goal is to teach students what the Library and Learning Commons have to offer.” 

Not only is this about what the Library has to offer, but also as Becky Frank Director of the Thigpen Library describes it as, “A time to see the Library and the Learning Commons staff, get to meet us, get to have a brief interaction, and get to know us a little bit better in a fun way.” 

The Thigpen Library houses everything from study areas, academic, leisure, and graphic novel books, to phone chargers, tutoring, and even calculators that are available for students to check out.  

Vincent voices the Thigpen Library staff wants to, “Welcome students, and let them know that the library, and its staff are there to help.” 

According to Vincent, the event will be giving out Ice cream sandwiches and Italian ice as a dairy free substitute. 

Becky Frank further exclaimed her enthusiasm for the event, “This is an opportunity to get to see us outside of the classroom, outside of the building, have fun and have a cool treat at the same time. Who doesn’t love ice cream?”

Thigpen Circulation Clerk Triana Earls-Cuzzo added, “We all scream for Ice-cream!” 

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