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Student Discounts Vol State Students Might Not Be Aware of

Last updated on November 20, 2023

By Madelyne VanHemert

Students are eligible for many discounts to save a dollar here and there through Volunteer State, and also just by being a student in general.

By using your Vol State ID students can get discounts at a number of participating locations 

There are also a number of places that offer discounts just for simply being a student.

  • Spotify
  • Amazon
  • NCG 
  • Apple
  • Subway
  • Dairy Queen
  • American Eagle

As well as many more.


As a student, a lot of my money goes towards food. It is so easy to go through a drive-thru after work and get a seemingly cheap meal. 

The problem with buying food is it adds up quicker than you would think! 

For instance, if I got fast food four times a week, and each meal was ten dollars, then I just spent about $40 that week on food alone. A student discount is a great way to save money where you can. 

  • Subway offers 10% off your entire meal
  • Dairy Queen offers 10% off your meal
  • Dominos offers 20% off all menu items
  • Waffle House offers 10% off your entire meal
  • Buffalo Wild Wings offers 10% off your entire meal

Online Subscriptions

Each month money leaves my account because of subscriptions I have set up. 

Subscriptions are noticeably increasing in price making it harder to justify which ones I have. Spotify’s single premium plan for example has gone from $9.99 to $10.99.

 In 2022 Amazon’s annual membership fee went from $79 to $139 a year. 

Using a student discount for these memberships can help you save a substantial amount of money. 

  • Spotify’s monthly student price is $5.99 vs. the regular $9.99
  • Amazon’s annual student price is $69 vs. the regular $139
  • Hulu’s monthly student price is $1.99 vs. the regular $7.99
  • Apple Music offers a student discount for up to 48 months 

Other Places and Stores

What inspired me to write this article was while buying tickets online for the Taylor Swift Eras Tour movie. As usual, we thank Ms. Swift for being an inspiration. When buying the tickets there was a student ticket and a regular ticket. The student ticket was $12.99 vs. the standard ticket which was $19.99! A $7.00 difference. 

There are many places you can get a student discount if you ask about it!

  • NCG’s online student discount is $12.99 vs $19.99 for a movie ticket
  • American Eagle offers a 10% student discount
  • Apple store offers a student discount
  • Urban Outfitters offers a 10% student discount
  • Banana Republic offers a 15% student discount
  • Nike offers a 10% student discount after student status verification with ID

There are so many companies that offer a student discount if you inquire about it. The student discounts occasionally vary from store to store, however, the overall company offers the student discount! Change those online subscriptions to student status and start saving your money.

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