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Women’s History Month at Vol State

By Madelyne VanHemert

In March of 1987, Congress officially proclaimed that March would be a month dedicated to women: Women’s History Month. 

This acknowledgment did not happen overnight. The fight for recognition began 130 years prior, in 1857 when hundreds of women in New York City rallied to protest the harsh working conditions within the garment and textile factories. 

In 1909, New York City became the first place to enact a Women’s Day. Seventy-two years later Congress passed a National Women’s Week. Six years later the U.S. would get National Women’s History Month through the efforts of the National Women’s History Project. To read a more in-depth timeline click here.

Today we are in the middle of March and Women’s History Month has been official for 37 years. 

On March 13, Vol State hosted a panel discussion that covered topics such as American women, their bodies, safety, autonomy, and the law.

 History professors Stella Pierce and Grady Eades and sociology professor Jamie Futson led the discussion. It was held in the Rochelle Center and donations were welcomed for the Feed a Friend and Fuel Your Mind series. 

Vol State held a discussion for Women’s History Month, however, observations show that besides the one discussion and banners across campus that was all that was done at Vol State for Women’s History Month. The same goes for last month, Black History Month at Vol State.

“None of my professors have mentioned Women’s History Month. I think any school or university can always do more to celebrate and appreciate women. I think Women’s History Month tends to go unnoticed more than others, and it would be nice to see more representation,” said Kelly Avila.

March is a busy month for professors and students due to midterms and wrapping up the semester for April. With that being said, maybe Vol State will endorse Women’s History Month more in 2025. 

Happy Women’s History Month from The Settler at Vol State!

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