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Volunteer State Fall Baseball Season 

Last updated on January 18, 2023

By Thomas Matchell 

The Volunteer State Pioneers started off their fall season with a double-header against Cumberland JV at home. The first game finished (15-2), a win for the Pioneers. The second game ended close with the Pioneers on top (10-8). 

Volunteer State finished an amazing performance in their third game of the fall season against the Knights 18u team finishing the game (19-4). Here is a summary of every defensive play and scoring in their win on September 14th against the Knights: 

1st Inning: Cade McKee (#36) starts the game with a perfect inning; Pioneers score first with home base stolen. Pioneers go up (1-0). 

2nd Inning: Chase Birdwell (#27) strikes out two batters and allows a walk; Matt Hall (#2) hits a double off an error, Jase Mizell (#34) gets 3 runs batted, and Tanner Bumbalough (#48) gets an RBI-single. Volunteer State takes a strong lead ending the 2nd (5-0). 

3rd Inning: The Knights are kept scoreless; Ethan Huddleston (#3) hits a dinger of a homerun scoring 2 runs making the game (7-0). 

4th Inning: A run was scored off an overthrow from Tanner Bumbalough; Jase Mizell gets an RBI single, the score (8-1). 

5th Inning: Landon Tucker (#6) starts off the inning allowing a homerun for the Knights, Matt Hall makes an amazing dive for an out to finish the top of the inning; Caleb Hawkins (#17) hits a single while conceding 2 runs batted in, making the score (10-2). 

6th Inning: Caden Blackford (#43) pitches a perfect inning; Knights pitcher allows an astonishing 3 runs stolen off back-to-back-to-back wild pitches helping the Pioneers gain a lead of (13-2). 

7th Inning: Austin Brewington (#51) walks 4 batters in a row, allowing one run scored to end the top of the inning; Corbin Overbay (#25) hits a double, RJ Moore (#44) gets an RBI, Pioneers earned a run scored off a walk, Brody Melton (#13) hits an RBI single, Carter Vrabel (#10) hits a sacrifice RBI, then home stolen off wild pitch to add to the score (18-3). 

8th Inning: Knights have a scoreless inning; Braden Vinyard (#37) hits a triple, game stays at (18-3). 

9th Inning: Pioneers allow a run scored and score a run themselves finishing the game (19-4). 

Volunteer State Baseball head coach, Jim McGuire, gave his thoughts on what he thought was good and bad about their win against the Knights, “I liked what we did offensively, the first four and a half innings was our everyday regular line up, so I liked what they did, I liked how they executed, they really swung the bat well, we had some guys pitch well early in the game. It got a little bit sloppy late, when the score gets out of hand everyone begins to lose focus, that is when you must get everyone dialed in.” 

When asked about how the older players affect the younger guys, Coach McGuire commented, “You want them to set the table and understand, they should be able to translate what I’m saying to the new guys and tell them what the expectations are and be like a second coach to them.” 

On the development seen by the team, Coach McGuire stated, “Getting to know each other and trying to develop as a team is our number one goal, getting fundamentally starting to understand where we need to be, what were supposed to do in certain situations, and be aware of what we need to do.” 

When asked about expectations for his players this fall season, McGuire said, “In the fall, we try getting everyone equal number at bats, and innings pitched, the fall is a big development piece for us. You want to see the kind of team you have, trying to get everyone in like we did tonight.” 

The Pioneers still have 7 games to go in their fall season before they gear up for their spring season; Volunteer State’s schedule can be found on the Volunteer State Community College Baseball website

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